Honoring the fallen…Or an excuse to be selfish? (Do not read if easily offended)

Before I say what I have to say… Thank you #BiLoFoods for being so generous and thoughtful. I find it very refreshing to see action in supporting those who have served and are currently serving their country. https://www.bi-lo.com/about/Press/pressdetail.aspx?PrsArch=no&PressParam=100 For years I have been observing how crazy Americans go on 4th of July. Over and over I hear that it’s because America celebrates the victory of … Continue reading Honoring the fallen…Or an excuse to be selfish? (Do not read if easily offended)


Worship I would like to start out by saying this..even before getting into the meaning and definition of the word worship. Most people know about Satan (Lucifer), but do not know what his responsibility in heaven was. He was what we today would consider the praise and worship leader (not that there was such a thing at that time), I am comparing it to today’s … Continue reading Worship

Would you follow Jesus in today’s world? Please note that no names are real…I just sorta grabbed them out of thin air. Also be advised that this blog is highly offensive so if your on the “I feel sorry for myself” side, Do Not Read This! And oh yeah..I am talking about myself as well…after all, I got the message before you guys did…think about … Continue reading

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Soul Winners India

Soul Winners India

I have not spoken about the death of my dearest friend Debbie Duncan…

It has been too painful because every time I think of her I regret not having called her back…not taking that time out of my busy (wasteful) day to communicate with the best spiritual guide (in the flesh) I have ever known.

I miss her….sooo much and the more time passes the more I miss her…we laughed…God did we laugh….we cried (which always ended with laughter)…but most of all we loved!!!!

Debbie Duncan was a lover…I am the most screwed up christian you will ever meet…yes I admit it no biggy at least I know and am not afraid to humble myself…I use bad words sometimes…I get angry and gripe alot (all ending up in feeling horrid and having to apologize a lot) lol.

But no matter what..Debbie has NEVER…EVER judged me.

She did slap me one time…LOLOL…the best slap ever!!! And even that, she did in love.

Now there are those out there who judged her because of her cheery spirit…all I have to say to you is..I feel sorry for you. You will never be anything close to what she was and you in your jealous little ways have always known that…you know who you are!!!!

Anyway….Debbie’s and my heart has always been going out to the helpless children and we had many talks about the situation on her very front porch. After she passed I learned that we both started the same thing independent from each other which only confirmed our kindred spirit and how much we had in common.

SOUL WINNERS INDIA MINISTRIES is an organization to help support the needs of the less fortunate in conjunction with delivering the word and therefore the love of God.

Debbie has been part of that ministry as I am part of World Help Ministries and I am telling you…WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

If neither one of these organizations speak to you….fine…find your cause and join! Excuses are for selfish people…God’s people are called to give …those of you who do…thank you 🙂 those of you who don’t..now is the time…make a commitment ( I don’t mean sell your home and live in the street cause that would sorta defeat the purpose…lol)!

There are needs right in your backyard and if you don’t have the finances…donate your time 🙂 that is just as needed and important !

Here are the links to Debbie’s and mine foundations we support!

God bless 🙂



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