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This morning I was glad to learn that our sanitation people were actually running, even though it is Thanksgiving.

We are the people who from time to time forget to put the trash can on the road and therefore last week we didn’t get rid of our trash….sigh!

As I saw the guys from the trash company drive up I realized that those poor guys had to work on Thanksgiving and I felt bad for actually being excited that they did…yes I know a bit of a contradiction there but if you think on it a minute you get the point.

I  hurried inside to grab a pecan pie, rushed back to the road in hopes to catch the workers before taking off in that big truck of theirs. It so happened that our neighbor obviously did not realize the trash would be picked up and left his trash can in front of the house instead of the end of the driveway. One of the sanitation workers actually jumped out of the truck and ran up to the house to grab the can and roll it to the truck. It was so sweet, for all he cared he could have left it there but he had heart enough to go and get it.

I walked up to him and gave him that pecan pie, which was small and I almost felt ashamed to give it to him. But not only did he receive it with great thanks and a hug , the guy started dancing and singing right there in the road. It made me and Dustin laugh and gave us such great joy that we are still talking about it.

Some of us might count these guys as less fortunate because in society’s eyes they don’t make much money and let’s face it, don’t really have a glorious job. But are they really less fortunate or are we just discarding them as insignificant?

Often we take advantage of things and yes people too. These guys had all the right in the world for bad attitude, having to work on this beautiful Thanksgiving day. But they rejoiced in the street over a pecan pie.

Let’s make sure we do not fit the category of snobby folks who look down on anybody without a suit and tie. In God’s eyes none of us are insignificant or worthless. We all are loved by him and only by sharing love with EVERYONE we give Christ to the world.By his spirit we overcome and by his spirit we should be led…everyday!

It is easy to love those whom are easy to love. But having to get out of our comfort zone and dig deeper into the agape kind of love source is hard,but  that is where we need to be. And if we can get that prioritized, then more of us can rejoice with trash and pecan pie.




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What if God….

For one reason or another the three words, “What if God”, kept coming to me and I had no clue why.

Usually I get my inspirations in the shower…yes the shower because that is where I have my prayer time, knowing that nobody will come and interrupt me.(Trust me, with 4 kids running around you have to find your hiding spot). I get to completely relax and focus on God. Plus everyone sings in the shower so when I do it sounds half as bad since no one really pays any attention.

While meditating on the Lord, I finally got my answer. There are people who wonder…”What if God is not  real”?

It was a bit of a shock to me knowing that the Alpha and Omega is very much alive and real so  in my own little head I just could not comprehend that one would ask this question.

Silly little me had to snap out of my own thinking and stop being so judgmental, of course none of you would ever be judgmental right?!

God spoke to me and you know I came up with the following :

Instead of asking “What if God is not real, you should really ask , “What if God IS real”?…Do you really want to take that chance of missing out on the opportunity to go to heaven after you die???

What is the worst that could happen if you chose to live for God? I mean worst case scenario you gain a father,a friend who will never leave you nor forsake you,(Joshua 1:4-6). You become a really go0d person who is loved and has peace that passes understanding ,(Philippians 4:7).

You get to rejoice and have an awesome family in God, which will support you and be there  for you when you need them.

You could finally stop worrying about tomorrow because you could rest assure that God will take care of you.

I think if I were to be presented with the opportunity to have eternal life after death…a better life on earth and somewhat of a chance to be a better man/woman, even if I could not believe the existence of a higher being, I would definitely at least consider the possibility thereof then stay completely ignorant towards the fact of “What if God”…!!!

Pride and ignorance are a dangerous combination and a normal person would not trade the good for bad. Don’t be foolish. Ask questions and if in doubt you know what…..?…go to God yourself! See if he is not going to answer. The scripture says “To the one who knocks the door will be opened” (Matthew 7:7).

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain…go ahead! Invite God into your live and see if he will not be there for you. Then you can finally rest the question of, “What if God”……


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