What if God….

For one reason or another the three words, “What if God”, kept coming to me and I had no clue why.

Usually I get my inspirations in the shower…yes the shower because that is where I have my prayer time, knowing that nobody will come and interrupt me.(Trust me, with 4 kids running around you have to find your hiding spot). I get to completely relax and focus on God. Plus everyone sings in the shower so when I do it sounds half as bad since no one really pays any attention.

While meditating on the Lord, I finally got my answer. There are people who wonder…”What if God is not  real”?

It was a bit of a shock to me knowing that the Alpha and Omega is very much alive and real so  in my own little head I just could not comprehend that one would ask this question.

Silly little me had to snap out of my own thinking and stop being so judgmental, of course none of you would ever be judgmental right?!

God spoke to me and you know I came up with the following :

Instead of asking “What if God is not real, you should really ask , “What if God IS real”?…Do you really want to take that chance of missing out on the opportunity to go to heaven after you die???

What is the worst that could happen if you chose to live for God? I mean worst case scenario you gain a father,a friend who will never leave you nor forsake you,(Joshua 1:4-6). You become a really go0d person who is loved and has peace that passes understanding ,(Philippians 4:7).

You get to rejoice and have an awesome family in God, which will support you and be there  for you when you need them.

You could finally stop worrying about tomorrow because you could rest assure that God will take care of you.

I think if I were to be presented with the opportunity to have eternal life after death…a better life on earth and somewhat of a chance to be a better man/woman, even if I could not believe the existence of a higher being, I would definitely at least consider the possibility thereof then stay completely ignorant towards the fact of “What if God”…!!!

Pride and ignorance are a dangerous combination and a normal person would not trade the good for bad. Don’t be foolish. Ask questions and if in doubt you know what…..?…go to God yourself! See if he is not going to answer. The scripture says “To the one who knocks the door will be opened” (Matthew 7:7).

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain…go ahead! Invite God into your live and see if he will not be there for you. Then you can finally rest the question of, “What if God”……



8 thoughts on “What if God….

  1. First of all, most of my best ideas come in the shower, its why I keep a hung dry erase board and marker in my shower haha. Secondly, I’ve thought about this also. When life is all said and done, A life with God is a pretty good life. God’s commands from the Bible were always for our best interest. Even if God didn’t up being real, I had still lived a life of purpose. God just makes it better, much better.

  2. Well, Bianca; in my lifetime so far, I’ve always believed in God! I was saved when I was 12, and believe me, I have had many questions about Him, Jesus, and eternal life…and I still do have questions. One day, I hope I will know for sure!!….may God bless you and be with you forever.


  3. Very nicely put Bianca! I am so very happy that you and Dustin are really starting to focus on God and what is important in this life. As far as living a daily life for him, sometimes you just have to ask “WWJD” ……..I’m sure you’ve heard that one before……”What would Jesus Do?” and that should give us a clear answer on how to speak to someone or how to act in a situation. God knows I’m not always doing and/or saying the things I should, so I struggle with that, but knowing that all of us are striving for the life God wants us to live and what our reward in heaven will be one day………makes my heart sing!! I love you and Dustin both with all my heart! And can’t wait to meet the other kids soon! 🙂

  4. When i lived in Germany I would go to church every Sunday with my grandma and I would always say my prayers. Coming here to the states things changed and I have not put foot in a church in a very long time. As I am getting older I have thought about the fact that I need to take my children to church and have them be close to god just like I was as a child, teenager and young adult, but most churches in this tiny town I live in are baptist and hey nothing against the baptist church but my believe is lutheran and those churches are hard to come back in the south and especially in Madison GA :o) Reading your blog really made the me think thank you for that :o) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and again congratulations on your engegement and when are we going to get together :o)

  5. Beauitfully written B. I was not raised where we went to church every Sunday etc. I was however, raised to believe. I can understand how some would question it, but that honestly is a question I don’t think I have ever asked. It’s like you said what is the worst that could happen if you believe? Awesome writing girl. keep up the great work and write what you love.

  6. What you’re saying make sense, but I think the part of the atheist reasoning is because of religion itself. Baptist, Christian, Lutheran….they all have the same basic teachings. The way they all go about it is different. Lest we forget the negativity that brought to God by these so called religious leaders. How you may ask? “god took your 4 year old son To heaven with him.” “God is plaguing this country with a terrible tsunami. Repent!” not to mention all the hype of some of the more extreme religions as far as worship requirements go. Not that I don’t believe in God/Higher Power or anything, but at the same time, I can see why some people choose to not believe in God considering how so many religions in the world make Him look bad. Sorry, I wanted to add a little controversy to your topic, I feel it will make for interesting cNversation and responses. 😉 oh and forgive spelling errors and such I’m on my phone X_X

  7. Well chica you have definitely peeked interest and such great responses! There is no wrong answer when you are in a search because they all lead you to the right one…That’s why it’s called a path or journey! May God Bless your journey and the lives that will be touched in it….I was pondering on Ivette’s response and as I read I envisioned a melting pot of culture’s sitting down at a feast and all the different appetizing foods set before them….mmmm….I pray we all eat up God’s word and digest it accordingly b/c we are meant to enjoy the word and be content with it’s meaning for our lives…but my favorite of all sayings is ‘but above all choose love for this is the commandment I leave you’….My love goes out to you and yours on this Thanksgiving holiday!

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