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Many Plans…

Finally…..the move is over. phew guys I am telling you if you do not know you’re getting older by any sign at all….TRY MOVING!!!

I did not know how many muscles and especially joints you use on a daily basis. I tell you what though, I am definitely more appreciative of my functioning body.

I have had so many plans for the next couple of years. I wanted to buy the house I lived in as of a week ago. I wanted to paint it inside out and do some other renovations such as making the basement livable for the teenagers. Well one phone call, one letter or better one post in the paper changes everything and next thing you know you are re-planning everything.

So here I was with my shattered plans and all I could think of was. “Many plans are in the mans mind, but it is the Lords purpose that will stand”!

Well so much for let’s plan something :-)!!! By the way…I have no idea where that scripture is so if any of you know…please advise me as where to find it because I want to read the whole passage of that script.

Now the thing is, it isn’t hard to admit that the Lord has a plan for you because quite frankly it seems pretty cool to me that I actually don’t have to worry about my future. The problem with that is , that I now actually have to ask God everyday what his plans hold for me and….here it goes….ABIDE  BY IT!!! Phew…just when I thought I got it all figured out right?! Just kidding I am the least to get things figured out quickly which is why I have good friends who will alert me :-).

So anyway..the point I am making is…don’t spend your life trying to figure your future out because you have only so much control over it. If  you decide to do it on your own, you are in for major disappointment and surprises. So go ahead and let the one who made you and knows everything about you do the configurations and plans for your future.


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