Honoring the fallen…Or an excuse to be selfish? (Do not read if easily offended)

Before I say what I have to say… Thank you #BiLoFoods for being so generous and thoughtful. I find it very refreshing to see action in supporting those who have served and are currently serving their country. https://www.bi-lo.com/about/Press/pressdetail.aspx?PrsArch=no&PressParam=100

For years I have been observing how crazy Americans go on 4th of July. Over and over I hear that it’s because America celebrates the victory of freedom, honors the fallen, and those defending the U.S.A.

While all that sounds really amazing and seems sincerely sweet, why is it  than that it is a non-working holiday? I mean let’s face it….If we celebrate those who worked hard for our freedom, wouldn’t it make more sense for us to work harder on this day? And why all the drinking and over 6 billion dollars in food consumption? How in the world is that helping a veteran or active duty soldier in any way? Every year there are fights, and even deaths because people get so drunk on this oh so popular holiday. There is no way that this is honoring to those who fought for our freedom. And what about God?

Here is a thought…If we who call themselves Christians, are supposed to be aliens in this world, how come we do all the things heathens do? I am not talking about going bar hopping either because believe it or not, many other religions and atheists don’t do that either. Fact is, if we do all the things everyone else does, how are those lost suppose to know the difference? They don’t. Now you can kick and scream, justify and excuse your tradition following, but the fact is…If you look like the world and act like the world, chances are…You are the world. Just because you post biblical truth on a Facebook page, or walk around preaching hellfire and brimstone, does not make you a Christian. Let’s not be blind to the fact that we are in this world not of this world. For some weird reason all of this men made holiday creating really struck me today. I see people purchasing firecrackers, food, and miscellaneous party supplies. Now call me crazy, but most who have served do not like the noises of fireworks because it brings back bad memories. So again…How is that honoring the ones we are celebrating. How about this…What if we were to take all that money we spend so selfishly on food, alcohol, fireworks, and all the other unnecessary things, and actually use it to help the veteran community and those on active duty? Sure, there would be no big benefit for us per say, but oh boy would that be a contribution to society.

So here is the thing. Are we truly celebrating and honoring those who brought/bring us freedom, or are we simply indulging in man-made tradition to yet again fulfill our selfish desires?

I guess we will see…By the way, before I get bombarded with how this is a tradition and America honors this tradition…I am fully aware of that. I am also aware of the fact that those who are Christians, should not follow the tradition of men, but instead be separated from them.

Oh and also…YES I greatly appreciate those who fought and the very brave ones who are currently on duty, I was an Army wife for several years. That is PRECISELY why I am more interested in being proactive. I want our veterans to be honored in action, not in theory. The simple fact that we have homeless veterans, and no sufficient healthcare for those who served, is a disgrace. Now you can blame the government all you want (and yes I despise their view and nonchalant behavior when it comes to this subject), but we as Americans have big part of it as well, and we can make a difference. So if you feel the need to continue this tradition, why not make it worth a soldiers while?


One thought on “Honoring the fallen…Or an excuse to be selfish? (Do not read if easily offended)

  1. This was a great article. I agree that it is most certainly another “hallmark” holiday to make us the consumers spend money on another holiday. I agree we should absolutely show our appreciation of those who have and are still fighting. Spending the amount we would normally on this holiday could be of so much help those with PTSD and injuries after they get back can be so monumental. You think about presidents and the fact that after their term they are taken care of for life. Why can’t we do the same for those who have literally fought life and limb?? Instead corporate America changes it into a “spend money on food, bbq, fireworks”. I’m not saying don’t celebrate our victories but I’m saying we are not victorious or showing the spirit of freedom by ignoring our veterans who may be homeless or need mental/medical assistance. People need to wake up and realize that church and state don’t always need o belong together. That these politicians are evil along with the corporations who support them. That by feeding to these types of holidays it’s to distract us from the realities of it all.

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