Name Brand Fetish

So the other day I had a conversation with a female climbing the corporate ladder. She was telling a story about a lady she knows who was excited about purchasing a name brand purse for a couple of bucks. The corporate climbing lady stated, “I would not be found dead wearing a cheap purse like that.” That made me think…
We support the big names like Coach (my personal favorite), Michael Kors, Vera Wang, and much more. As Christians, shouldn’t we set ourselves apart from the things that the world treasures? (Mind you I am asking myself all of this).
I remember going to a church meeting a few weeks back, and since I came straight from work, I was wearing black and white. Since I just worked 11 hours you can only imagine that my hair was a mess and since I don’t really wear makeup a lot, well I looked rough at best lol.
As I am looking around in the room, I felt a little out of place. All the other ladies were wearing their fashion clothes and had their jewelry in place, they smelled amazing, and their designer shoes and purses were matched perfectly. For some odd reason, it made me feel as though we are no different than the ladies whom we like to call heathens. I mean seriously…If a non-believer were to be put in the middle of a group of “today’s Christian ladies”, and a group of “heathen ladies”, how would they see the difference? One would actually have to get to know these ladies before being able to identify their religious identity.
Now you can say anything you want but in some of the other religions that is not an issue at all. I am not saying that we all should run around and cover from head to toe (no disrespect to those who do), but I think it is the time we start separating ourselves from the world and actually show it.
As for me, I have decided to feed two birds with one seed (better than killing two birds with one stone). From now on I am going to support Christian designers. Most of them are stay-at-home mom’s who aim to make a $ here and there. Instead of feeding my earnings to those who most likely do not invest in the kingdom of God, I will try my hardest to give to purchase my clothing and accessories from local, Christians who hopefully will do the right thing and pay it forward.
I know that it might sound a bit radical, but I think we need to make a difference and if that means giving up the name brand fetish than so be it!


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