Hi all,
Well, what can I say? For those of you who know me, y’all are aware of the fact that I am a very outspoken person. For those of you who do not know me, now you know. Like so many others, I have an opinion about pretty much everything. However, I base my opinions on facts which are precisely what differentiates me from others. Unfortunately, that also means that I am very straight forward and tend to not beat around the bush…ever! That, in turn, seems to offend folks…like a lot. But hey, it isn’t my fault that some of us can’t handle the naked truth. That does not mean that it isn’t the truth though. If it looks like a skittle, and it tastes like a skittle, then by Loui it’s a darn skittle. In other words, I will continue to speak my mind and if it steps on someone’s toe, so be it.

Born and raised in Germany, a country where God in my time was nothing more than fiction, I truly appreciate the fact that I can call myself his own. After getting married and moving to America things didn’t turn out so wonderful, even though I was promised heaven on earth. A heathen mom of 2 (at the time), single, illegal, left alone with nowhere to go, that journey from then to now…the experiences and sufferings and joy, gained wisdom and tears….well….that is why I am starting this blog 🙂




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